FAQ – WJCC Electronic Funds Transfer

If you need to pay a registration fee to Whitfords junior cricket club, use our bank details below, please include your child registration name in the description.

Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Account Name: Whitfords Junior Cricket Club
BSB: 066-160
Account Number: 0090-1454
Description:<<Childs Full Name>>

FAQ – Should your child stay in T20 Blast or go up to U10?

Most children between 8 and 9 year old at the start of the season with prior In2C/T20 Blast experience are able to play in U10s – the U10 rules are set up to be a transition from T20 Blast. The decision to put a player up is a personal one – the answer should be where would your child be most happy? Remember that NO age group is graded on ability and ALL players go through radical changes in skills and ability throughout their junior years.

An 8 yr old player new to cricket should have at least one year in T20 Blast.

At the other end of the age spectrum, 9 year olds go into U10s, even if they have not played In2C/T20 Blast before.

Importantly, whilst there is some freedom with ages in the younger grades, young for grade players will have to stay at U12s until they are of the right age to play U13 (i.e. 12 yr old). Hence younger players at some stage will have to stay down – often the earlier they do so, the better.

FAQ – Because your child wishes to do other sport on Sunday should they go from In2C/T20 Blast last year directly into U12s this year?

It is possible under the Association rules to go straight from T20 Blast into U12s, WJCC policy is not to allocate 9 year old players directly from T20 Blast into U12s. It represents a significant risk to player safety and enjoyment as well as adversely affects team training and cohesion. Unless exceptional circumstances are presented with the registration, we will not allocate a player into U12s from T20 Blast. “Wanting to do both surf club and cricket so he doesn’t miss out” or “He was better than all the T20 Blast players in his team last season” are not exceptional circumstances.

FAQ – Does WJCC apply the minimum age?

As a general approach, we aim to allocate players to U10/11/12 teams such that a child should be a year above the Minimum age for the Team. The U10/11/12 age groups are intended to be the time for a player to establish themselves and become ready for the challenge of more formal cricket. As it is also a transition from the school year based In2C program and age based Association competition, some flexibility is applied in these age groups.

However, at U13/14s, most boys enter their “growth spurt” and hence significantly change in size and strength. This represents a significant disadvantage to younger players, adversely affecting their skill development, enjoyment of the game and ability to perform with the team. District cricket, school and other commitments also become significant, impacting not only the player availability and experience, hence making player and team organisation difficult.

As a result, for U13s upwards, it is WJCC’s policy that a player may only be one year younger than the maximum age for the relevant age group. As a result, a minimum age player below U13s will have to spend a second season in a younger age group prior to entering the U13s. This is usually the U12s.

FAQ – Should a player be held back/put up because of his/her skill level?

We do not grade/allocate based on skill. The usual question asked is whether a player should stay down. This is often associated with perceived skill or ability problems from last season or a desire for the parent for the player to do “better” before going on. Each child is different in how his/her skills develop and experience has shown that players of all ages and skills quickly adapt over the season and change remarkably over the off season. It is not unusual for a “struggling” player last season to star this season and star players last season to come back to the rest of the team this season. Further, the rule changes over the various ages are an effective skill leveller.

Past performance is NOT a good indicator of future performance or talent. The only question that really needs to be answered is in what age group or team would the child enjoy the game the most – and almost without exception, that team is of players of the same age as the player.

However, the WJCC policy regards to age outlined above still applies, irrespective of skill level.

FAQ – Should I get my child specialist training?

At the younger ages up to about U14s, your child is still learning the game and will undergo significant physiological and mental changes. At this time, the objective is to learn to enjoy the game whilst cementing basic technique/skills. There is usually some real or imagined pressure to “hit sixes” or “bowl fast yorkers”- this is not what is required. The focus should be on accuracy for bowling rather than pace, defensive footwork and placing the ball for batting rather than slogging and of course catching/throwing for fielding. “Throw downs” or simple hit and catches with a parent is usually as effective as a professional coach at these ages.

For ages from U14s upwards, specialist coaching becomes more attractive. However, the majority of effort goes into setting a baseline set of skills, rather than developing extravagant playing style. It should always be remembered that even up to U17s, the player is still a junior and going through significant physiological and mental changes.

FAQ – What Age Group should my child play in?

Girls Cricket Ages

Girls are actively encouraged to play cricket at WJCC. Refer to the Girls cricket page.

In2Cricket/T20 Blast Age Groups

In2Cricket/T20 Blast is based around School years.

In2Cricket goes from Pre-Primary to Grade 1, whereas T20 Blast goes from Grade 2 to Grade 3.

Junior Boys Cricket Ages

The Association has the following rules for players in U10s through to U17s:

1.2 Player’s Age Restriction

Each age competition shall be restricted to players no more than 2 years under that age as at 30th June in the year the season commenced. (See table below)

Team Min Age Max Age (boys) Max Age (girls)
U10 7 9 11
U11 8 10 12
U12 9 11 13
U13 10 12 14
U14 11 13 15
U15 12 14 16
U16 13 15 17
U17 14 16 18

1.3 Overage and Underage Players

  1. Girls may play up to 2 years below their age.
  2. Upon application to the Association the Executive may grant permission for an over age player with documented disabilities to play in a lower age group within one year of the players age.
  3. All other overage players can be referred to the Association for its consideration to play in an age group one year lower than he/she would be qualified to play, based on age

This means that if a boy is 13 at 30 Jun, he would be eligible to play U14, U15 and U16s.

If a girl is 13 at 30 Jun, she would be eligible to play U12, U13, U14, U15 and U16s.

Note that the club would only make application under c) in exceptional circumstances as these are rarely granted.

FAQ – How do I ensure that my child plays in a team with his/her friends or school mates?

Whilst we try to take into account preferences we are often in a position where preferences have to be broken to ensure that teams have the minimum and maximum numbers of players. This is unavoidable. This has usually been more of a concern of the parents rather than the player – our experience is that players very quickly fit in to which ever team they are put in. With the dynamic nature of player numbers, it is impossible to predict before registration how many or the make up of future teams. Our approach is to try to satisfy as many people as possible.